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BRYSONS is an inclusive space for the local dance music scene. Connecting artists with organizers and sharing events with you.

What is BRYSONS?

What we do

Find clubs, events and DJs in your area.

Listen to music chosen by the DJs.

Helping artists and organizers get the word out.

Committed to nurturing local music talent.

Direct messaging between artist, organizer and fans.

Helping photographers and artists get booked.

Map of the scene

Find clubs, events and DJs in your area.


Where promoters get the word out.

Make connections

DMs between artist, organizer & fans.

Curated Playlists & Mixes

Listen to music chosen by the DJs.

Advocate for the arts

Nurture local music talent

Booking assistant

Help photographers & artists get booked.

Getting on the map

How does it work?​

Our concept is a simple one: to provide an inclusive space for local artists, organizers and the crowd to engage freely with one another and explore the music happening around them.

BRYSONS Finder™, our map of the scene, is a way for people to search and navigate events and performances occuring around them. For DJs and promoters, getting on the map is free and easy. Simply register on our Join page. Select the option relevant to you. Then edit and update what information you want to show up on your page.

For those who wish to take their profile to the next level, they can make us of our paid promotion options. These options prioritize your visibility on the map, appear on the top of our search results and get exposure on our social media channels

Get on the map

Let the world discover you

How we started

Our Story

The start of any good party begins as it does with the prematch. The concept that would eventually become who and what we do today began at Princes Place, known amongst friends as the get together spot before heading out to the festivals. What better way to get people in the right mood for the event than having really good music playing at the predrinks and in the shuttles on the way to the venue.

As the season went on, our playlist became many playlists and our friends who performed at the events sent us music that they were going to play. And naturally, the idea of sharing these teaser playlists with everybody began. With a little initiative, every week, we checked in with the DJs playing in upcoming events to get their track ID suggestions. A simple website was thrown together with all our the playlists, events and DJs relevant to our local scene; and slowly we built it up over the years.

The fateful year that is and was twenty-twenty has had devastating consequences for people and businesses across the board. The events and entertainment industry in this regard was hit especially hard by the quarantine/lockdown. Downtown became a ghost town as bars and clubs closed indefinitely (with some prominent venues sadly closing down for good). The outdoor festival circuit was postponed and eventually became written off in its entirety. Streaming platforms have provided the opportunity for artists to stay relevant through all of this; but we admit that despite the fact that streaming is here to stay it remains a substitute for the real deal.

Princes Place. Where it all started.

After listening to what artists and industry leaders have had to say about the scene’s future, we asked ourselves what could be done to help. And that’s when we decided to launch BRYSONS Radio a new platform easy to access to free to use for everybody. A space where artists can showcase their sound, promoters can push their events and music lovers can explore and follow the music nearby.

We’ve just started on this new journey, and we hope this new platform and its features will bring people back together.

We do what we do for you


An awesome concept and platform that is great for our local scene.

Ryan Hill

Novum Events

Best music initiative I’ve seen in a while 💣

Alex Marais

DJ & Producer

Really great work and support coming from these guys!

Dan Knoesen

neXus Media

Where hard work meets passion in music and industry happenings 👏🏼
Very excited to be a part of Brysons 🎶🇿🇦
Playground Twins

DJ, Growing OGs

Great platform for artists and music enthusiasts alike 👏

Sebastian Kühne

DJ & Producer

Fantastic concept and a welcoming platform to discover South African events, artists and music 🙏

Jacky Masutha


Aaron Polikoff

Closure Photography

Amazing platform pushing the Boundaries in the South African Music scene.

Ryan Nortje

DJ & Producer

Especially useful for up & comers. Solid concept.

Anshul Pattundeen


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