Terms & Conditions

We're all about providing a space where artists and organizers can promote themselves and share their music and events with the world. Below are our terms of use for people engaging with our website and content.

1. Agreement

In using and interacting with BRYSONS you agree to our terms and conditions stated here, if these terms and conditions change and you persist to use this website you have agreed to these changes and or modifications. We encourage you to revisit this page again in time to review such changes.

2. Propriety

Unless stated otherwise, All content on BRYSONS is covered by Copyright, All Rights Reserved. Kindly note that a large portion of the content on the website is predominantly uploaded by its users. We take care in sourcing reliable information but we cannot guarantee that all of our content is accurate and legitimate.

3. Appropriate usage

Given that we are a online hub for user generated content, we will not accept information or media that is defamatory, debasing, expresses hate speech, violence or explicit sex. Our guidelines abide by the Independent Communication Authority (see here). We reserve the right to remove or terminate any uploaded content that we feel transgresses this code.

4. Responsibility

If picked up or reported by others, we will take action to remove unwanted or protected content. BRYSONS does not take responsibility for the failure or delay in eliminating inaccurate, or offensive material. Nor for content from external websites.

5. Music Copyright

All music and video materials added to and played off the website are received and transmitted via embedded scripts to official streaming platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube alike. We do not host, store nor provide any unlawful downloading of copyright music materials. Since we receive the content from these above named platforms and are submitted by users, BRYSONS is not liable to any infringements in this regard (as it is the responsibility of these platforms and users whom we receive content from).

6. Report irregularities

If you notice any issues with these policies or regarding the website please inform us via email to hello[@]

7. User profiles

All submissions of user profile BRYSONS undergo a review before they are made public on the site. We reserve the right to deny and refuse accounts that we believe to be phoney and illegitimate. If accepted and the user proceeds to interact with the website in a way that infringes on our honest use policy or trangresses the Communication Authority guidelines we likewise reserve the right to take down that account and its corresponding content.

8. Tickets

We are not an online ticket booking facility. We provide promoters with the ability to communicate and reach their audience on our platform by advertising their event. They are given the option of adding a link to an external online ticket procurement website. So we, as of yet, do not engage in or facilitate payments for tickets sales.

9. BRYSONS Store

Our online store is there to provide a platform for local promoters and artists to put their own branded merchandise up for sale to their fans. These items include but are not limited to T-shirts, Hoodies, Masks, Caps and other branding clothing or merchandise.

If you're interested in selling your wares on our website, please send us an email at hello[@] Kindly note that we reserve the right to turn down requests to sell any merchandise if we suspect (i) the products in questions are not of a legitimate nature and or (ii) if no dealers agreement between trading parties is reached.

10. Paid Self-Promotion

We have a feature that allows users with profiles to pay a promotion fee to have their page appear as a prioritized listing on our BRYSONS Finder map. 'Promoted' status of a given page means that (depending on the specified filterable options (eg. location, genre, etc.) in a users search query on the map at your profile appears on the top of the search results. The visibility duration of this promotion status is allocated and applied depending on which promotion package is purchased.

11. Request Removal of unwanted / protected content

Images, video embedded links or other media content are uploaded to the website by the community. By default content made public via Facebook are used on this website. If you feel that any information or content regarding your brand (eg. logos, cover image, details, etc.) represent you wrongfully or inaccurately please don't hesitate to request their removal. Send an email to hello[@] and provide a precise description of where on the site (which page exactly) the unwanted content is and we will act swiftly to take it off the website or any of our digital channels.

12. Competition Terms & Use

Twenty Twenty Top Tracks of The Year competition: Stand a chance to win a BRYSONS T shirt if you submit a track to be voted on the Twenty Twenty page. The user who entered the track which gets the most upvotes will win a T-shirt and another random entry will win one also. Rules: in order to qualify to win you must submit a legitimate dance track released in the year 2020; as well as follow the Official BRYSONS Instagram page. NOTE: Web admin withholds the right to remove any entries that are suspected to be dubious and not fitting to the requirements of being an electronic dance track. Also users who are seen to abuse the community forum and trangress the websites general terms of use will also be taken down.